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Simply put, Diminished Value is the difference      between the market value of a vehicle prior to a collision or other damage, and its value after. Ask  yourself, if two identical vehicles are for sale with identical  mileage, options, and condition, one was damaged and repaired and one that was never damaged, which car is worth more? 

Which vehicle would you buy? 

Collision damage causes severe loss of value at the time of impact! Repairs will restore some but not all value depending on the quality of the repair work. However, all cars will suffer loss in value to some extent, depending of course on its pre-loss value, mileage, general condition, options and extent of damage. 

Compounding this problem is that many states require that damage to be disclosed at trade-in or sale. Furthermore, there are lemon laws in most states that are written to protect unsuspecting consumers from buying unsafe, flood cars and rebuilt total losses. The market for used cars and trucks simply does not support collision damaged vehicles. In fact, in the auto dealer business vehicles with structural and or frame damage must be disclosed and are auctioned separately. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking your vehicle is worth the same after an accident, even if it is repaired perfectly! Just ask your insurance company about depreciation and betterment they apply to the repair process. 


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Diminished Value Assessment:

Establish the loss in value after your vehicle has been involved in an accident. The report will address Inherent and Repair Related Diminished Value and any remaining safety or structural issues.

Collision Repair Monitoring:

Collision claims, understanding repair estimates and the complicated repair process can be confusing to most consumers. Let us bring 30 years of repair experience to assist you in making an educated decision regarding the repairs to your vehicle. We provide the consumer with a thorough line-by-line explanation of the repairs being performed to the vehicle.

Total Loss Assistance:

If you believe that your vehicle is a questionable total loss or need assistance with establishing the true value of your vehicle. 

Post Repair Inspections:

If your vehicle has already completed the repair process and would like assurance that your family is driving in a safe vehicle. 

Pre & Post Vehicle Purchase Inspection:

Are you buying or have purchased a used vehicle and would like to know if it has prior damage. A thorough analysis of the vehicle may prevent you from making an expensive mistake. 

3-D Dimensioning:

We utilize a state of the art dimensioning system to identify remaining uni-body and structural damage. 

Appraisal Process:

If either party invokes the Appraisal Process as outlined in your policy we will represent you to the conclusion. 

Expert Witness:

In some cases it may be necessary to seek the assistance of an attorney and we can represent you as your automotive expert.


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